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 General Rental Conditions Dar Malak

Download on PDF - Print the General Rental Conditions      Updated on January 1st 2017


For your stay at DAR MALAK, you can book on the phone, by mail, by fax or by e-mail.

On , you may have a look at DAR MALAK presentation, tariff, description, pictures of the rooms ans the house.

The access to DAR MALAK is only granted to people who have received a written confirmation for their reservation. When you get it at home, you will only have fifteen days to confirm your dates and pay a 50% deposit of the total amount given by the Dar manager.

If you reserve only one month before you arrive at DAR MALAK, the total amount for the reservation can be requested when you confirm your dates. DAR MALAK will cancel any reservation without any 50% payment in advance or total payment.

You may pay by credit card or by bank transfer (order cheque to DAR MALAK). You may also be charged by your own bank for international services.



Balance must be paid within two days after your arrival for reservations exceeding by two days.

Balance must be paid on your arrival day for reservations not exceeding by two days, in that case, you will directly pay at DAR MALAK.

Customers who should not pay balance in time will be considered as ‘customers cancelling their stays at DAR MALAK'. You will then be charged for cancellation costs.



3-1. Customer cancellation
If you should cancel your stay at DAR MALAK, you write a letter to inform the manager and then send or fax it to DAR MALAK.

In case of cancellation (because of the customer's decision or because of lack of balance payment), adjustable refunds are possible considering the date of notice sent to DAR MALAK :

- Over 60 days before the first day of your reservation: 15% of the total amount of the rental.

- From 60 to 45 days before the first day of your reservation: 25% of the total amount of the rental.

- From 45 to 30 days before the first day of your reservation: 50% of the total amount of the rental.

- Less than 30 days before the first day of your reservation: 100% of the rental .

Please note that no refunds will be made if the customer does not turn up on the arranged day or if he cannot show the police documents requested for a stay in Morocco.


3-2. Rental changed or cancelled by DAR MALAK
Any cancellation or change of a confirmed and paid reservation will be notified to the customer who will get a full refund without any compensations. Nevertheless, DAR MALAK will do its best to propose an alternative of equal or higher standard without any price rise.



The house and the rooms are available as soon as the customers arrive on the premises.

Still, for successive rentals reasons, customers may have to wait for a short time to allow the personnel to prepare DAR MALAK for the best accomodation possible.

On the day of your departure, you will be asked to leave the rooms before 11 AM. If you should leave later, DAR MALAK will keep your luggage for the day but will not take any responsibility for that service.



The management at DAR MALAK accepts no responsibility for loss, theft of personal articles, incidents or accidents (including all possible consequences) happening at DAR MALAK.

DAR MALAK has a traditional architecture of its own; thus DAR MALAK cannot have the same standards as European ones (for instance – no parapets on the roof terrace or no banisters for the stairs inside the house).

Consequently, children are entirely under the responsibility of their parents or adults in charge of them. Children must not be left alone in the Dar.

DAR MALAK will not be held responsible for public service troubles (power failure, water or gas cuts) or any possible consequences whatsoever.

Please note that you are fully responsible of your personal things (money, jewels, credit cards, cameras, video, passports...). DAR MALAK will not be held responsible for any loss or theft on the premises.



Only the landlords and the customers do have permanent access to DAR MALAK.

No other people than the customers are allowed to stay at DAR MALAK. If there should be extra customers, they must ask the manager the permission to stay on the premises. They will be asked to fill in a police form. The failure to respect this clause will automatically launch the immediate cancellation of the reservation (without any compensation).

Consequently, customers commit themselves to letting the manager know if there should be any other person they would like to invite at DAR MALAK; if so, they must inform the manager the day before the invitation.

The manager may refuse access to new guests without any explanations, even if verbal agreement was given before.

New guests must also respect the rules at DAR MALAK and the general conditions stated here.



In specific cases, when the house is entirely rent, we ask the customer to lay down a guarantee if furniture or premises damages should occur.

This guarantee is to be paid to the manager at DAR MALAK on your arrival day. This guarantee is to be paid cash or by cheque (you will be given a receipt).

The guarantee is given back on your departure day just after the inventory of fixtures if and only if no damages are noticed; otherwise, the 500 euro guarantee will be cashed for the possible compensations. The difference will be returned to the customer. For any damages and potential repairs, a detailed invoice will be supplied to the customer.

Total Amount of the guarantee deposit: 5000 DH (500 euros).



Telephone facilities at DAR MALAK will allow you to call anyone in Marrakech only and to receive worldwide phone calls.

Customers' faxed documents can be sent to DAR MALAK fax number. Please, write the name of the addressee and the name of the room. Same process for e-mails at



On the premises, only personal photographs are allowed. In no case whatsoever, pictures taken at DAR MALAK should be used for free or paying reproduction without the written agreement of the landlords.



DAR MALAK is to ask customers to fill in police forms to abide by local authorities. You will have to fill in this police form on your arrival day.



While booking, you will be asked personal information, including an e-mail address.

This information will only be used for your reservation. Your e-mail address will be used to send you the confirmation and voucher of your reservation. You are fully responsible for the validity of your e-mail address and the provided information. If you make any typing mistake, DAR MALAK cannot be held responsible.

DAR MALAK will sometimes use your e-mail address to send you news from our Riad (special events, special offers...).

DAR MALAK will not give your personal e-mail address to anyone.

According to French law regarding Computing and Liberty (January 6th 1978), you have access to your personal data to modify, correct or suppress it. You may use this right in contacting the manager at or write to Dar Malak 20, derb Assabane – Riad Larrouss – Medina – Marrakech – Morocco



Signing your reservation form, confirmed later on by DAR MALAK means that the customer and all the people staying at the Riad should accept all the general rental conditions which are fully part of the rental contract.

The failure to respect those general conditions may launch an immediate rescinding (without any compensation). In that case, the customer and all the people staying at DAR MALAK would have to go by two hours after the manager's notice to leave.



Any potential complaint whatsoever must be sent within ten days after the departure of the customer.

You may write to :

Dar Malak, 20 derb Assabane, Riad Laarouss, Médina – Marrakech – Morocco.

You may also send an email at :

A complaint will only be considered and assessed by the management if a similar one is given to the person in charge during your stay at DAR MALAK and that no possible solution is to be found.

In case of deep disagreement, and after all amicable means, only the court in Marrakech can sort things out.

These general rental conditions stated on January 1st 2014 cancel and replace all the previous ones and are valid for any reservation after this date on.


Download on PDF - Print the General Rental Conditions      Updated on January 1st 2017
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